Fairy copyAfter the Warlingham Fair opening ceremony at 11am on June 15 at Blanchman’s Farm Nature Reserve, all fairies are invited to a Best Dressed Fairy Competition with badges and gifts for everyone who enters and prizes for winners, sponsored by Warlingham Crafters’ & Producers’ Market. This will be judged by Catherine Southon, who will be helping Cllr Jeremy Pursehouse, Chairman of Tandridge District Council, to open the Fair.

All fairies – and, of course, any superheroes who can fly – are invited to join the parade from Redvers Road at 10.40am but must be accompanied by an adult. Alternatively, just be in the arena by 11am.

The Blanchman’s Farm Fairy Tree will be specially decorated for the day, so fairies might like to go and have their pictures taken with the tree after the judging.

The Fair is also running a competition to judge the best fairy gardens in containers, open to all age groups including adults. This will be judged at 2.30pm by Helen Foreman-Tapley, President of Warlingham & District Horticultural Society. Please bring your garden anytime before 2.00pm to the PA caravan to be issued a number and directed to a display area for the gardens. Prizes will again be awarded in age groups.


This year we are offering businesses and organisations the opportunity to buy banner space around the main arena.

Banner 2m x 60cm (landscape) banner spaces can be booked for just £50. You supply the banner, which must have three eyelets alond each of the long sides.

We have negotiated a very special price with fair supporter Podd's Print, which has offered to produce banners for just £35 plus VAT, if you allow it to use some of the space on the banner and its template as in the illustration. The banner will be on a good quality vinyl with brass eyelets. If Podd's is required to provide artwork that would be costed on sight of instructions.

Contact Jeremy Pursehouse at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information, or use the general enquiry option on the Warlingham Fair website.


Banner 2000 x 600mm copy


On Saturday 17th June, Warlingham Fair celebrated its 25th anniversary with its most successful event ever.

With the help of a dedicated team of helpers and sunny weather, the fair has made record profits, which will either be reinvested in the Fair for future years or distributed to help local organisations. The full figures will be posted on-line as soon as they are fully available.

Says Warlingham Fair Chairman Jeremy Pursehouse: “We have not had all the figures in yet, but we already know it will be a record. More importantly, as well as being a financial success, judging by the large crowds on the day and the feedback we have received, it was an event that was enjoyed by everyone.

“I would like to thank all the helpers, sponsors and participants who made the day the success it was.”

The first call on our money is to ensure we have enough in our account to stage two fairs; to make sure we have enough resources to stage the event if we are unlucky enough to have a series of poor years. It takes around £6,000 to stage Warlingham Fair, including sound system, toilets, arena events and dozens of other costs. A main arena act costs at least £1,500.